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Join us in helping wildlife! 

This binturong was rescued from living in this poor 1.5 square metres displayed cage for 14 years 

How to take action

We are a Vietnamese led non for profit operating at the frontline of Vietnamese conservation and receive no direct financial support from government. We rely on the goodwill and generosity of international supporters to continue our work in ensuring a secure future for Vietnam’s threatened wildlife.

The future of wildlife conservation in Vietnam lies in the hands of everyone. We hope more people become aware of the importance of the natural world and develop an interest in protecting wildlife everywhere.

Here are a few ways you can get involved and help us:


Make a donation

Providing funds or equipment allows us to carry out our daily tasks caring for the captive animals at CPCP and supporting our work in the field.


Sponsor an animal

Releasing animals doesn’t happen overnight and unfortunately some of our captive animals aren’t ever going to be released due to the injuries they have suffered as victims of the illegal wildlife trade. Adoption also helps provide food and enclosure upgrades to continue to give confiscated wildlife a more enriched and natural life before being released back to the forest. To see details of how you can help and what we need, see our Sponsor an animal page.

Fundraise for us

We rely greatly on a wonderful bunch of people who raise fund for us. From bake sales and coin drives to hosting events, we appreciate very one of our supporters. Click here to find out how you can help.



Donate your passion, time and skills for wildlife protection. See all related information of our volunteer program here.


Report wildlife crime 

If you’ve confiscated a wild animal, or made a sighting, please contact our hotline 0978 331 441 and give wildlife a chance for a positive future.

Spread the word

Let people know about our great efforts to save wildlife through direct communication, social media or write an article. This is an invaluable way forward for the future of wildlife. Join our facebook page or twitter feed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and further discussion.


The more people who care and act for wildlife, the more wild animals will be saved!

The confiscated Binturong enjoys new life at CPCP, Save Vietnam's Wildlife