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Often wildlife species are being kept in bad conditions in rescue centres and zoos in Vietnam.  Small cages, poor husbandry and illegal trade are concerning for animal welfare and result in high mortality rates.


 Owston's at the Zoo in VN


Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is working to ensure animals under human care or influence are healthy, obtain the correct diet, are comfortable, and that efforts are made to continually improve their well-being and living conditions. In addition, there is a responsibility to ensure that the best placement option is applied to confiscated animals and any actions taken are humanely done. Environmental enrichment for captive animals is one of our focuses to increase behavioural diversity and encourage natural behaviors.



Owston's civet feeding grasshopers at CPCP

We carry out training courses on the handling and care of confiscated wildlife for rangers and provide education for the other captive facilities' staff on environmental enrichment and husbandry management to promote best practice for animal welfare.  


Group photo at the training on environmental enrichment