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[CROWDFUNDING] SVW's Immersive Education Centre


The Pangolin and Small Carnivore Education Centre, full of interactive and immersive visitor experiences, is committed to open for public by Save Vietnam's Wildlife, by the end of 2015. This is our response to the urgent need for engaging wildlife education in Vietnam.


But we need YOUR HELP to make this a reality. So we're crowdfunding for the creation of interactive designs of this first-of-its-kind wildlife education centre in Vietnam.


CAN YOU HELP US BY GETTING BEHIND OUR CAMPAIGN TODAY? As well, please help spreading the words about the campaign to friends, family and colleagues!




With a lot of appreciation!
Save Vietnam's Wildlife Team
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The release of more than 30 pangolins back to the wild on 14th and 15th June 2015

In what continues to be the biggest pangolin rescue for the organisation, over 30 pangolins are set to return to the wild after being rehabilitated by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.

Health checks are being conducted by a veterinary team from the Wildlife Conservation Society, to ensure animals are given the best chance after their return to the forest. Only pangolins which are in good body condition, and are free of parasites and disease are deemed suitable for release; pangolins requiring longer term care, before release, will continue their rehabilitation process here at the centre.

The release is scheduled for the 14th/15th of June. We plan to you updated here on Facebook of Save Vietnam's Wildlife, so please keep checking back for more news as it happens, or follow the hash tag ‪#‎ReturnToTheWild.

Celebrate World Binturong Day


Watch our rescued binturong’s story - Mr B, at:

SUPPORT to Mr B at:

Thank you very much!


World Pangolin Day 2015 – Why an animal you have never heard of might disappear before you even know it. 

Save Vietnam's Wildlife has created a video for World Pangolin Day 2015, we want to reach as wide an audience as possible so we can mobilise people to help. The pangolins need us — we have to act now, before it’s too late. Please watch the video to get a better understanding of the problems pangolins are facing and what Save Vietnam’s Wildlife does to help them: The detailed media release, please visit our website.


This Saturday, 21st February marks World Pangolin Day, please take action to help pangolins by:

- Changing your profile picture on Facebook to our exclusive World Pangolin Day avatar by this photo.

- Sharing the World Pangolin Day link:

- Join us to fight for survival of pangolins.


The Directors Forum: Captive wild animal welfare and conservation in Vietnam. 8-9th December 2014 in Hanoi - Vietnam


Hosted by the Hanoi Agriculture University in collaboration with the Animals Asia Foundation and Change for Animals Foundation.

It will bring together managers of captive wildlife-holding facilities from both the Vietnamese and international communities to discuss animal welfare concepts and how these concepts can contribute to the development of internationally recognised and renowned species conservation programmes. The conservation issues surrounding pangolin speices will be presented at the forum.


Montier 18th International Wildlife Photo Festival

Our Owston’s civets and Pangolins will be featured at the festival to show the illegal wild trade issues and the conservation achievements of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.

2A Place Auguste Lebon 52220 MONTIER-EN-DER – FRANCE from 20th to 22th November 2014. Visit the Festival at here